Bullseye's Server


Welcome To Bullseye's Minecraft Spigot server Web Page

Server Rules

[1] No Griefing or Raiding of any kind.
[2] Do not spam potions, items, or mobs.
[3] Do not cause drama in anyway.
[4] No sending inappropriate or hidden links.
[5] No Cyberbullying.
[6] If you earn Worldedit, do NOT overuse it.
[7] Do not ask for op or any other rank.
[8] No lag machines.
[9] No GMC killing (Creative Kills).
[10] No spamming the same message more than twice.
[11] Do not abuse any commands.
[12] No ddosing or dosing.
[13] No inappropriate builds.
[14] No racism or sexism in any way.
[15] No crashing any player in any way.
[16] Operators may teleport and watch players to an extent.
[17] No threat making in any way.
[18] No kill potions of any kind.
[19] Do not disrespect staff.
[20] Do not make fun of someone for being demoted.
[21] No swearing constantly because it's rude.
[22] Caps and advertising are allowed just don't spam them.
[23] No taking roleplaying overboard, it's just a game.
[24] No pestering staff for unbans.
^--Obey Staff and the rules of the server--^
   Thank you. ~The Staff of Bullseye